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Top Qualities to Look at Before Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency

Top Qualities to Look at Before Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency

What to Look at Before Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency?


Recruitment isn’t what it used to be a few years ago. However, sourcing, screening, and building relationships remain at the core of successful IT recruitment agency efforts. Some recruitment skills have become more critical today. For instance, the best IT recruitment agencies must adopt social media, be creative, and demonstrate higher technical proficiency levels.


Understanding the qualities of great IT recruiters is critical for any business keen on getting the best out of an IT recruitment consulting process. IT staffing companies go beyond basic hiring. They are required to manage IT hiring requirements/needs of an organization. IT staffing agencies work for all kinds of companies ranging from emerging SMEs to multinationals.


They must have the experience to hire all kinds of IT professionals, from network administrators to seasoned software engineers. Most importantly, they must know how to negotiate salary packages with potential candidates. This requires in-depth knowledge of prevailing rates in the job market. All these aspects make a unique and highly reliable IT recruitment consulting partner.


However, since there’s a lot to look out for when choosing an IT Recruitment Agency (or IT staffing agency), here are the top qualities to look out for in today’s ever-changing global IT landscape.



1. Risk tolerance


The best IT staffing agencies are able to rise to the top because they accept and embrace risk in the recruitment process. The IT recruitment space is highly competitive. To remain relevant, risk must be part of the process. The best IT staffing agencies take risks and venture into “unchartered waters”. They develop a reputation by being curious and willing to explore unconventional business approaches. Their creativity differentiates them from their competitors.

Most importantly, the best IT recruitment agencies don’t fear failure. They will take on new recruitment challenges such as bulk-hiring, which are usually avoided for being tedious. If the IT staffing agency you are considering doesn’t shy away from a challenge, you should really consider them.



2. Tech-led recruitment


Technological advancements powered by the internet and apps have revolutionized how everything is done, including recruitment. Job searches aren’t centered on referrals only. Online job portals have taken over, and they keep getting better at job searches. The best IT hiring agencies today use the best job portals out there and related technology (systems and tools) that didn’t exist several years ago.


What’s more, they have a deep technical understanding of the roles they are hiring for. For instance, recruitment efforts to hire node.js engineers are led by recruiters who understand coding in-depth. The agencies have invested in all the technology and IT expertise they require to get the perfect candidates for every IT role imaginable today.



3. Unmatched appreciation for DATA


The best IT recruitment agencies are also DATA-led. Technologies like AI and machine learning have made data critical. For the most sophisticated predictive IT systems to work, data is critical. The best IT staffing agencies know this, which is why they use data to make critical recruitment decisions. They diligently manage job specifications, job descriptions as well as crucial data belonging to business partners, existing candidates, and prospective candidates. The best agencies use data science and related fields to enable them to offer the best possible IT recruitment consulting services.



4. Empathy


Qualities like empathy are critical since recruitment is considered a noble process. The importance of hiring the right person can’t be overlooked. Hiring also means income for a person as well as their family. When all the tech and data has been used to find deal candidates, the final hiring decision must be made by recruiters who care about people. In fact, the best recruiters are passionate about people. They have genuine interest in people to the extent of staying in touch with successful and unsuccessful candidates.


It’s worth noting that top IT talent can accept or reject offers based largely on how they are treated in recruitment processes. The best IT staffing agencies know this, which is why they use recruiters who are not only seasoned IT experts themselves but also empathetic towards candidates whether they plan to hire them or not.


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