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8 Vital Vanilla Skills That IT Recruiters Must Have

Top Qualities to Look at Before Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency

The Skills That IT Recruiters Must Have


IT recruitment can be challenging, especially if you do not have any experience in IT. Think how difficult it would be recruiting a good IT recruiter for your team.


There is no question that a successful recruiter is a precious resource for businesses in all sectors. It is, therefore, vital that you have the right recruiter working for you.


An excellent candidate for your IT recruitment team should be knowledgeable about the latest advancements in the field, be capable of creative problem-solving, and have a great attitude.


Here are some of the necessary skills to look for in an IT recruiter or tech recruiter when looking for one to hire for your company.


1. Attention to Detail

There are a variety of requirements you have for the right employee. The right recruiter must remember every detail so that he gets you the best candidates. You want a recruiter who will ensure that they can get an excellent candidate out of a tiny pool of qualified people.



2.Good Marketers

A good recruiter is a good marketer. There are more job vacancies in IT than IT professionals. A good recruiter should be able to attract qualified candidates to apply to your company.

They should be knowledgeable about the latest marketing techniques and technologies to ensure that your job opening is visible to candidates.



3.Communication Skills

Communication skills are crucial in any business but especially in the recruitment industry. An excellent recruiter can communicate with different types of people and encourage them to apply.

You can look at their website or visit their offices to assess their communication skills. You can also look at their previous advertisements and gauge their ability to entice people to apply.



4.Relationship Building Skills

Recruitment agencies act as a bridge between the candidate and the company. A good company should be able to build a relationship that is beneficial for both the company and the candidate.

Good relationship building goes beyond automated email messaging. It can start with the automated messages, but the company you hire should be able to talk to candidates and companies and match them according to their needs.



5.Multitasking Skills

Hiring a new employee takes time and involves a lot of different tasks. Recruiters need to posts job ads, screen applicants, do background checks, hold interviews, consult with you, and make job offers, among other tasks.

To succeed in IT recruitment, the recruiter you hire should be able to do multiple things at the same time.



6.Time Management

There is a lot that a recruiter needs to accomplish in a day, so they must have excellent time management skills. If, for instance, your recruiter is late for meetings and forgets about your calls, then they are not the best person for the job.

Hire a recruiter who is a great time manager and values both yours and the candidate’s time.




Recruiters need to be very patient people. They should not easily give up or lose their temper when things do not go their way. It is challenging to find a time that is perfect for both the company and the candidates, and they need to work patiently with both parties to find the right time.

They should also be able to patiently wait for both parties to decide on amendments to contracts and be willing to start the process again in case you are not satisfied. Check online reviews to find out what former clients said about the company you are considering.




A suitable recruiter is reliable. They can work with your deadlines for recruitment to find a great candidate for your company. When you hire an IT recruitment agency, you expect that they will find you the right candidate within the set timelines. The company you hire should be able to this without fail.


It is worth mentioning that IT recruitment agencies can help you find not only developers or engineers but also the perfect candidate for your internal recruiting department.

An IT recruitment agency has experience in placing candidates in the right jobs. Here at dotLinkers IT Recruitment, we find people who will work to achieve the vision and mission of your organization.