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Top Four Programming Languages in 2021 and beyond

Programming Languages

Before, only a number of people were called computer programmers who possessed outstanding skills in coding. Today, jobs under information technology demand a level of expertise when it comes to the understanding of the best programming languages available. In the field of software development, there is an abundance of programming languages to choose from. If you’re just beginning in this line of work, perhaps the most difficult part of learning programming is choosing where to start.

The programming languages available to programmers have their own peculiarities and complexities. There are different considerations before deciding on the programming language of your preference. As a programmer, you have to choose the level of difficulty you’re willing to learn, the stock knowledge you have that will align to the new programming language you’ll be learning, and many more.

Over time, as you progress as a software developer and you are introduced to the many programming languages, you’ll be able to learn their particular nature. Knowing the characteristics of different programming languages will someday help you in choosing the best language that will be best suited for your needs.

Found below, we are providing you with a list of the most sought-after programming languages available, including how these programming languages are most commonly used in game development, mobile development, web development, and a whole lot more.


Almost every single software developer out there is using JavaScript in one way or the other. In Stack Overflow’s survey in the year 2020, JavaScript was considered the most utilized programming language by software developers for eight years.

Other than HTML and CSS, JavaScript is sought after by most web developers. The most popular sites online, such as YouTube, Gmail and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, all utilize JavaScript to produce web pages that are interactive to its users and showcases dynamic content. Other than being the most popular language in web development, JavaScript can also be used to create networks that are scalable. Linux, Windows, SunOs, and Mac OS X are all compatible with Node.js.



For those who have known Java, there is also a more modern option that you could look into, Scala. The best features of Java, namely its option for a structure that is object-oriented and the outstanding speed is seen in the JVM runtime, are all seen in Scala, which is all given a more modern characteristic.

Engineers are allowed to improve their code quality, which almost resembles the characteristics seen in pure math in Scala. Complex processes that are allowed to be executed in parallel are possible in Scala. Furthermore, Scala allows for programming engineers to create and alter the type of their data which provides them with a level of confidence that bugs will not be seen during runtime.



Today, Python is one of the most commonly utilized programming languages. Python is best recommended for those who are beginning to learn a programming language because it can easily be read. This programming language offers a programming language that is open to anyone who wishes to access it. More than that, it offers easy integration with other web services, plus it also has a data structure that can easily be used since it is user-friendly.

Before, Python was used to create 2D and 3D animation such as Autodesk, Inkspace, and Blender. This programming language was also involved in developing popular video games such as Vegas Trike, Civilization IV, and Toontown. Even scientific applications that involve computations such as FreeCad, as well as Abacus, utilized Python. Popular sites such as image sharing social media Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora use Python as their programming language.



Back in the 2000s, the C# programming language developed became popular for its ability to support object-oriented programming concepts. When it comes to .NET, C# is one of the most powerful languages in programming. The developer of C#, Anders Hejlsberg, claims that the language used in C++ is similar to it as opposed to Java. Applications in the likes of Windows, Android, and iOs is best suited in C# since it takes the cooperation of the development environment of Microsoft Visual C++.


The syntax of the programming language will continue to change and evolve to adapt to the needs of its users. It is vital for you not to be easily caught in the latest trends because some languages had withstood the test of time. Although it wouldn’t hurt to learn the new trends, it can help you swim through the tides of change.