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What is the best way to attract top tech talent?

What is the best way to attract top tech talent?

How do you attract top tech talent in countries like Poland? In the current economic environment suppressed by the COVID 19 pandemic, job boards aren’t looking promising globally. Top tech talent also tends to pay more attention to global tech companies. What happens to the yet-to-be-famous companies interested in top tech talent?


There are several ways of getting your company noticed amid the current pandemic, global uncertainty, and economic crisis:


I. The IT boutique approach


This approach works wonders. Cooperating with trusted local IT recruitment agency gives you the right competitive advantage thanks to the wide network and relationships they build among the engineers and tech talent ecosystem. 


Data shows that big international IT recruitment agencies don’t have as good market insight as to the smaller ones mostly because their focus is on delivering high volume candidates rather than quality ones.


Instead, local agencies are focusing more on a qualitative approach and attract top Tech Talent that will also match with your company’s culture and values. That will enable your company to build a long-term team of reliable engineers that will stay for more than a couple of months or years. And once you hire reputable tech personnel, it will be much easier to attract more talent.



II. Use content marketing


This strategy is also effective for attracting top tech talent. However, it takes time. With the right content marketing strategy, you can get the talent you desire and gain other benefits such as increase marketing reach. Other content marketing benefits include; SEO benefits (increasing organic traffic to your site) as well as brand and reputation management benefits. High-quality content boosts a company’s reputation. Content marketing also increases brand visibility.


To create the best content capable of attracting top talent, you must research your audience and use media that is likely to be found by your target audience. Ask yourself questions like, what sites do top tech professionals visit. What content are they looking for online? Get content inspiration from engineering blogs, create unique content and post it where tech professionals are most likely to see it i.e., GitHub or StackExchange, etc.



III. Use the connections of your current tech team


You can leverage your existing tech team to get the best tech talent there is in the market. This strategy is great when you are in a hurry to recruit. Your existing team knows the tech personnel needed. They can also select talent based on important factors like team chemistry. Existing teams can also act as a first filter, ensuring you only decide from the best. For this strategy to work perfectly, you may need existing top tech talent on board already.



IV. Organize your own meetups or hackathons


While participating in renowned events with an already established audience is a fast way of reaching the best tech talent, you can also choose to create your own meetups or hackathons. You can explain your processes, share your experiences, and showcase your team in the event to allow engineers searching for new ventures to join you.


To organize a successful online meetup or hackathon that successfully recruits top tech staff, you’ll need to understand what top tech talent in countries like Poland is looking for. You’ll also need to understand the positions you need to fill and plan events and agendas that align with the staff you want to attract.


You may need to procure the services of external professionals like influencers and speakers to create a buzz for your event. It also pays to be proactive i.e., remember to send attendees job offers. With the current technological landscape, you don’t need to be a tech giant to host a successful online event focused on recruiting. You just need to be creative.



V. Think “borderless”


To get the best tech talents, you must avoid geographical borders. The best tech talent isn’t just in the UK, among other countries like America. Countries like Poland are highly ranked tech hubs globally. As a result, UK companies looking for the best tech professionals can consider Poland as opposed to being limited by local or US tech talent. The best IT candidates for many roles don’t need to be based in the same jurisdiction as a company’s headquarters. Casing your “net” wider is a great way to get better employees at a better price.


There you go! The above strategies are bound to boost your odds of securing top tech talent in tech hubs like Poland. If you don’t know how/where to begin in your search for IT professionals in Poland, you can use a recruitment company as a subsidiary to not only supply talent but also hire them on your behalf.


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