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Why is Clubhouse getting popular also in the IT tech ecosystem

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Founded in March 202, Clubhouse sprang up like a sphinx within a year once its beta was tested. Valued at $4 billion, it is the latest social media sensation. This app’s exploding popularity is attributed to several things, but when Elon Musk tweets, the impact is like a thunderbolt across the market. His tweet of Jan 2021, referring to Clubhouse, boosted the app instantly among the ranks of the most downloaded apps.

Innovative Tech Ecosystem to the Core

A significant factor in the huge popularity of this invite-only membership app is its robust innovation that works like magic. Brukiewicz, a Polish physician began spending hours on this audio app faced with a linguistic barrier imagined an innovative add-on feature to this app. Why not type your thoughts? In consequence, “Ask Clubhouse” a simple communication tool to manage a huge audience, emerged. Brukiewicz accomplished this tool over the weekend’s labour. Clubhouse’s exploding membership of over 10 million has gone hand in hand with the addition of several innovative tech features. Here are some more tools:


Members can access a free soundboard complete with the timer, trombone and drumroll in Clubhouse rooms.

Host Notes

Moderators can access space to display discussion summaries, links and meeting agendas.

Clubhouse Recorder

Members can record audio in their room using this telegram bot.

Apps that Shorten Links: Clubhype,, and ClubLink, Clubhype, and ClubLink are designed to shorten links to clubhouse rooms. The short links can be easily shared on social media.

There are several more tools, including about four, to make your Clubhouse avatar more colourful.

The inherent money-making potential of the Clubhouse has not gone unnoticed. Several enterprising people have joined the Clubhouse bandwagon to capitalize from the platform. This is the kind of symbiosis that is evident frequently in platforms beyond a threshold level of maturation. For instance, creative problem-solvers have found innovative ways to fill in the missing gaps not available in Clubhouse. Some among them have taken their innovations a notch higher by building their businesses. 

Here are the two to take note of.

YoYo Club

Currently free to use, this app was popularized as the “Eventbrite for Clubhouse”. This app cuts the clutter around noisy notifications to let moderator neatly plan and showcase Clubhouse rooms. Swain, along with his business associate, developed this app in only a few weeks. You don’t get notifications you don’t want to see using this app. Moderators, as of now, use it for an audience that sees upcoming events.

YoYo Club is currently free to use with immense monetization potential in the future. There are influencers in the room with millions of followers. They will need increasingly more rooms. They might need premium features to optimize their business growth. Yet Swain is aware of the risk with his innovation. There’s a big ‘if’. The answer to this ‘if’ is not known. What if Clubhouse builds it natively? Reddit’s native image uploading feature and Twitter’s hashtag are only some examples. They have taken others’ ideas to make them their own.


With a suite of tools, they are now already monetizing with $50 monthly membership fee. Launched by a group of 5 innovators, it was originally a tool for now saturated Instagram market. The reinvented app was recently added to Clubhouse. The tool helps you make a sense of your campaign performance.

There’s was no way someone could evaluate campaign performance on Clubhouse. Direcon makers took the initiative to make Direcon with the power to offer insights through analytics. The number of listeners a room has, number of raised hands, average stickiness, and average listening time is some valuable information to an influencer.

Nevertheless, it is too early to predict the fate of Clubhouse innovators and entrepreneurs with a Clubhouse reticent on its future plan.

7 tech accounts to follow on Clubhouse (you won’t regret it – we promise): 

1. Sriram Krishnan (@sriramk)

You may be unfamiliar with his name, but he’s a host of „The Good Time Show” – a talk show connected with the tech field on Clubhouse. Is definitely worth following his profile to be up-to- date with the newest interviews.

2. Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and any other companies also was a guest of Sriram Krishnan show. He touched on topics like space traveling or Mars colonization. But also took the floor in frenzy GameStop trading case. And he has invited Vladimir Putin to talk. It’s maybe isn’t all about technology, but honestly, who doesn’t want to listen to this conversation?

3. Josh Constine (@joshconstine)

Host of PressClub – place where tech’s top leaders discuss big issues. You had a chance to listen to CEOs of Spotify, Shopify, Substack, Postmates, and more. Sounds like sufficient inducement, right?

4. Akash Bajwa (@akashbajwa)

Founder of the European Tech Club – probably the best source to know more about European tech and fintech.

5. Arman Anatürk (@armana)

Founder of and host of „New Food Media”. Every Thursday he talks about ideas that could take over our plates and cups soon.

6. Anja Hendel (@anja_hendel)

Managing Director in diconium. Strong women’s voice in tech word. She’s into driving innovation and digital transformation in mobility. Unfortunately – only for German-speaking listeners.

7. Anna Alex (@annaalex)

Co-Founder of Planetly – a climate-tech startup for businesses to manage their carbon footprint. If you are interested in topics related to climate change and climate change tech new this profile is for you.


Clubhouse app as a breath of freshness easily gathers people from all over the world. You can take a chance to network with a mentor from your industry, find an investor, or grow as a leader by yourself – business possibilities hide behind seemingly entertainment app are almost endless.

In a world dominated by visual content, Clubhouse stands out as a power of (often underrated) voice technology.